Touring Draenor

Finally I’ve put some time aside to have jolly good nose around this brave and savage new world of Draenor. No more staring at the Garrison map or hitting target dummies and wondering why the zeros are missing, no, to site seeing for me! With wellingtons on, pack-a-mac er packed and trusty instamatic camera in toe… to Draenor I shall go.

Shadowmoon Valley

shadowmoon shadowmoon2 shadowmoon
The auspicious start of the journey takes place in this purple clad twilight land – for the moment at least, come launch there’ll be some running around and shooting near the Dark Portal – a serene place to start if ever there was. The gentle light in this perpetual evening is a refreshing contrast to the usual starting area, no bright lights and fire to be seen here.

Home to your budding garrison you’ll have lots of fun avoiding the surprisingly mean goat horses and stampy elephants. Remember to visit the purple misty forest and golden light of the droopy tree area, not to be missed.


 Auchindoun3 shattrath-war
Ah Talador, how we’ve longed to see you in all your glory. Terroka is a mere shattered husk of this wonderful Draenei land. Auchindoun and Shattrath are majestic – even if the latter is being giving a good battering by nefarious agents at level 100. The architecture here is breathtaking with sweeping arches and towering rises.

Everything has a dome too, because who doesn’t love a good dome.

Spires of Arak

goblin-pleasure spires-arak spires-arak2
Spires of Arak is exactly as the name suggests. Its got spires… big ones. These are no mere hills we have here, these are full on cloud grazing peaks. Fitting for a land ruled over by the avian creatures the Arrakoa. Fearsomely handsome creatures these are bird people will happily tell you who’s a pretty boy – while tearing your arms off for nesting material. You probably wont even mind as they have such pretty feathers.

In unusual places there’s always goblins hanging around, so the intrepid adventurer will find a lovely goblin pleasure centre right on the beach awaiting their arrival. Those green ladies upstairs will take care of you.


zangara-notyeta-marsh nagrand Highmaul2
Ah Nagrand and
the memories. Did I kill 15 big cows or was it 30? Who remembers other than that dwarf with the gun and a grin. Familiar sights to be had here, all green and quiet though lacking in mysterious ever flowing water falls from even more mysteriously floating islands. Magic eh. Remember when you’re here to take a dive off the northern coast to swim through what I’ve taken to calling Zangara Notyeta Marsh. Mushroom to be found, under the sea.

Frostfire Ridge

frostfire-ridge frostfire3 
Get over the heavy infestation of Orcs and Orges and you’ll find this land quite stunning in its own way. Wrap up warm, there’s snow afoot… oh and lava. Hey, there has to be lava somewhere you know. Savage, a word thrown around Draenor rather too much, certainly describes the housing around these parts. From the heavy set, foreboding castle atop the ridge to the hovels nestled amongst the bones of a long dead giant, there’s plenty of examples of a harsh live tamed with stone.

Be careful of the wandering giants though, they tread lightly and like to tap you on the shoulder before braining your for fun.


gorgrond-monsters gorgrond blackrock-foundry
Finally we come to this curious place. Seemingly a lush and deadly jungle its breaks in to a desolate wasteland remarkable for the ugly squat eyesore of Blackrock Foundry. Certainly not a place to add to the to-do list unless you’ve acquired a taste for lumping orc roughly on the head before they run for friends. Mind you, the jungle parts are hardly any more inviting – plants tearing at anything that approaches, beasts roaming in packs and gargantuan monstrosities clashing in stunning displays of power and rage.

For those of you with a sense of adventure and a willingness to pack sandals, sun cream and a wooly jumpy there’s plenty to recommend in Draenor. The sights here are beyond anything you’ve probably witnessed and you’re bound to come away feeling thrilled, invigorated, loot heavy and bruised.

Thumbs up, would go again.


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